eToro is a multi-asset investment platform that empowers people to grow their knowledge and wealth as part of a global community of successful investors.

In 2020, eToro added over 5 million new registered users and generated gross revenues of $605 million, representing year-over-year growth of 147%. Momentum is accelerating in 2021 as a new generation of investors discover the global markets. In 2019, monthly registrations averaged 192,000. In 2020, that grew to 440,000, and in January 2021 alone eToro added more than 1.2 million new registered users to the social network.

eToro currently has over 20 million registered users and its social community is rapidly expanding due to the vast, and growing, total addressable market which is supported by secular trends such as the growth of digital wealth platforms and the rise in retail participation. eToro was also one of the first regulated platforms to offer cryptoassets and is well-positioned to benefit from mainstream crypto adoption.

FinTech Acquisition Corp. V (NASDAQ: FTCV), a $250mm SPAC, announced a business combination with eToro in March 2021 at an implied equity value of $8.8bn. The partnership will help eToro accelerate its growth strategy and continue to develop its leading social trading platform.