Pico Acquisition Corp.


Pico is a leading provider of technology services for the financial markets community. Pico provides a best-in-class portfolio of innovative, transparent, low-latency markets solutions coupled with an agile and expert service delivery model.

As of August 2021, Pico has a marquee client list including 24 of the top 25 Banks, 36 Exchanges, top Quantitative Global Hedge Funds, Electronic Trading Firms, Fintech Service Providers and Asset Managers.

Today, Pico offers comprehensive financial services trading cloud infrastructure with mission critical exchange connectivity spanning 45 data centers traversing all key global markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Its resilient proprietary network, PicoNetTM is a globally comprehensive, low-latency and fully redundant network interconnecting all major financial data centers around the world including all major public cloud providers.

FTAC Athena Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: FTAA), a $250mm SPAC, announced a business combination with Pico in August 2021 at an implied equity value of $1.75bn. The transaction is expected to close in 2021. The partnership will provide Pico with significant capital flexibility for continued organic and inorganic growth